We have prepared this web site to introduce you to Faith of Christ Ministries. Please see our web site (www.fofcm.com) for further information on our ministry and the work we do in the USA. The days of overseas missions by westerners to areas of the east are over. Unless you are a native-born Indian citizen, you are not allowed to distribute Bible tracts, run a Bible conference that is open to the public or give out Bibles in India. It is often hard to determine those who the Lord has truly qualified to be missionaries for the gospel of the Bible. We have had to release one or more missionaries in India due to not living a Christian life, not agreeing with one or more teachings that we hold to or not performing work as required. We have Rules and Responsibilities for those who are FOFCM Full Time Workers that require regular written reports as well as conformance to Christian life style standards and hold to certain Bible teachings.

Literature tables are now not allowed to occur in most places in India and Nepal. Tract distribution is allowed in India (but is risky) and in Nepal must be done privately (house to house). Bible conference attendees are provided free food for meals and overnight sleeping accommodations for two or more-day conferences. Those who have shown an interest in the Bible and Bible study are invited free of charge to attend. Those who cannot afford transportation are given free transportation. Our volunteers are paid for all travel related expenses when assisting Faith of Christ Ministries in ministry work. They assist in tract distribution, literature tables and help with organizing and doing support service work for Bible conferences.

An important reason why we ask you to consider supporting Faith of Christ Ministries in India and Nepal is that there is a tremendous misunderstanding of the gospel of the Bible which features a trust in being physically water baptized, receiving divine messages from God in the form of tongues, miraculous healings, visions, voices, dreams, etc. and becoming saved by something that man does (i.e. human faith – free will salvation, doing good works to become right with God, say the sinners prayer, physical water baptism, etc.). Many have been taught wrongly on this most important issue and our missionaries are equipped to teach Biblical salvation and what is true or false concerning the signs and wonders movement. Today most of the professing evangelical non-Catholic Christians in India and Nepal are of the Pentecostal persuasion and boast that they are leading many to Christ. We believe that we may be near the end of time when the Lord allows Satan to deceive through lying signs and wonders and that sound doctrine will be lost. There are remote areas where there are people who have never heard of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Another important reason that we ask you to consider supporting a Faith of Christ missionary in India and Nepal is that the ones that we have been working with for the past six or more years have learned that they must be accountable to those who support them financially. We require monthly reports and one of the board members makes regular trips to visit with the workers to discuss their work and results. We will ask for receipts when we or any of our supporters may question what financial support is being spent on. We work out a budget with each of our overseas workers and they must abide by the agreed budget. If there is any special need that is above the budget, they must request that in writing and must be agreed to by the board of directors.

Click on this link to read a brief biography of each of our four missionaries as well as three volunteers. For security reasons, the exact locations of where each live is not disclosed as some have faced threats on their lives.

If you are in agreement with what Faith of Christ Ministries holds to be accurate teachings of the Bible and would be interested in supporting one or more of our missionaries, please contact us at the following address: P.O. Box 610320, Bayside, NY 11361-0320. We take personal checks and money orders only made out to “Faith of Christ Ministries.” Or you can support us through Paypal. All contributions are tax deductible in the United States as Faith of Christ Ministries maintains public charity status as a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization.