Manik Jenna is a factory worker who has donated much of his free time to volunteer with FOFCM.  He has a zeal to live for the Lord and participates in Bible studies, literature tables and tract distribution.  He is a young man who wants to work full time for FOFCM and reach his community the gospel in his area in north east India. He married a young tribal Christian woman and now has two children and must care for his older mother.  When he has free time, he participates in helping Pallab Lima do ministry work.  The language that he speaks is spoken by over three hundred million people.

We currently pay for his travelling expenses when he does volunteer work for FOFCM. He has volunteered with FOFCM since 2006.


Please consider supporting Manik Jenna as a full-time worker for FOFCM.  He truly is a humble servant of the Lord and seeks to share the gospel with the many people around him as well as provide for his family and raise his children in the fear and admonition of the Lord.