Monoj Nayak is a part-time missionary who works in another state in northeast India. He has worked with Pallab Lima since 2004 and has come from a non-Christian background after receiving tracts from Faith of Christ Ministries (FOFCM) in his native language.  He inquired about the Bible’s teachings through Pallab Lima and later made a profession of faith of Christ as Savior.  His deep interest in and love for God’s Word gave Pallab Lima the interest to use him as a missionary in the area where he lives.  Monoj works part time as a farmer harvesting rice on land that FOFCM has leased from the government of that state. 

Monoj works in a volatile area where Christians are persecuted.  He has been threatened because of his work in doing tract distribution and Bible studies with people.  He quietly hands out tracts in different areas of his state and holds regular Bible studies in his area.  His own family had forbidden him to read the Bible in his own house, yet he endures these oppositions and continues as the Lord his God gives him strength.  He, his wife and child were thrown out of their ancestral house by the rest of his family. Monoj is continuing to do his ministry work (Bible studies and tract distribution) by the grace of God.

We are thankful for the strength that our Lord has given to him to continue despite some great opposition. He has a few contacts in his area who have undergone similar difficulties who assist him when able and join him for Bible study and ministry work. 

Below are photos of Monoj.

We would ask that you would consider supporting Monoj and the work that he does (tract distribution, Bible studies and participates in Bible conferences with Pallab Lima).  He understands that the hell and damnation that is for all unbelieving humanity is for those around him who do not know the Savior.  He desires to share the words of the true and living God with those of other faiths. He is even persecuted by professing Christians who are involved with the signs and wonders and free will salvation gospels. The Lord has truly been with him in all his tribulations and our board prays for him and the like-minded believers in his area every day.  He has begged us to pray for him.