Pallab Lima is our director of work in India, who is responsible for overseeing the two part-time missionaries and several volunteers in India as well as organizing evangelistic events in various areas of India.  He was raised in a Christian family and was supported by his father, Mr. Susyanto Lima, to pursue a graduate degree in Theology from the Jubilee Memorial Bible College in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. He has worked as an independent missionary in south Nepal for three years (self supporting) after he taught at a Bible College in Nepal for several years. He has seen the need to bring the gospel of the Bible to unreached peoples in Nepal.  When he started to preach the gospel in a certain area of Nepal, he encountered people who never heard the name Jesus Christ. He had been given the opportunity to tutor six Nepali young men in his home who were from families of a different faith. Some of the six had made a profession of faith of Christ as Savior. Due to danger and not being a Nepali citizen, he had to leave Nepal and move to a location in northeast India where he maintains contact with other Christian workers in India and Nepal.  He has been in contact with like-minded believers in Bangladesh and has traveled there to do ministry work.

Pallab has been working for Faith of Christ Ministries (FOFCM) since 2006, when FOFCM started.  He had worked previously with Encounter With Christ Ministries and Bible Ministries International since 1999. From 1999 on, he has worked closely with Steve Reinert (current president of FOFCM) reaching the peoples of north east India with tract distribution, Bible conferences and personal visitations to those whom he has given a Bible. He has also been involved with helping in negotiations between afflicted Christians in parts of India and the Indian government. He has a wife and three children. His father has assisted Pallab in the past and recently when home to be with the Lord this March 2020.

Below are photos of Pallab Lima in ministry work.

Pallab speaks at a Bible conference in India.  He either organizes conferences as follow up after tract distributions or comes in response to a church group inviting him to speak on a particular topic.  Some topics that he speaks on are the following: Inspiration of the Bible, Attributes of God, Doctrines of Grace, Second Coming of Christ, Signs and Wonders and Isaiah 53.

Pallab Lima gives a class to students at a Bible college.

Pallab Lima gives a Bible to an Indian couple
who attended a Bible conference.

Pallab Lima gives a class to students at a Bible college.