Sagar Mallick is a tailor by trade from a non-Christian background. He heard the gospel of Christ in his middle years and made a profession of faith of Christ as Savior. Then his wife and children left him. He was taught the Pentecostal/Charismatic Signs and Wonders Gospel and questioned some of its teachings.  He then heard Pallab Lima in a gathering speak on how this movement is unbiblical and how much of Christianity today has fallen for these wrong teachings. As he studied these matters on his own, he became convicted that the Signs and Wonders Gospel was wrong and became involved with the work that Pallab Lima was doing.

Since we started Faith of Christ Ministries in 2006, Sagar has been working with Pallab Lima as a helper for tract distributions, Bible studies and conferences. We hired him as a part-time worker and he subsidizes the rest of his support by doing tailoring. He has been a hard and faithful worker ever since.  He has gone back to visit his relatives and shared the gospel with them though some were open and others not.  He currently has semi-recovered from a debilitating illness and is now able to continue to help in the ministry.

Below Are Photos of Sagar Mallick

Sagar has been very thankful to work with FOFCM and has been able to partially self-support himself until now.  If we did not hire him, he might not be living today as the country of India does not have a good welfare system like the USA.  Many have asked to work for FOFCM due to economic needs.  As FOFCM is not a welfare agency, we see the most important need is to bring the gospel of Christ in sound doctrine. Sagar has volunteered and worked part time for FOFCM for about fifteen years.  As he has difficulty from his illness, we believe that we must support him in every way we can.  Please consider supporting Sagar who has endured many things and is running the race for His Savior Jesus Christ.