Surya Mohan Sah is a full-time missionary in the country of Nepal for FOFCM since 2006 under the supervision of Pallab Lima and now works directly under our Board of Directors. He is one of the six young men that lived with Pallab and his family in Nepal and learned the teachings of the Bible from him. Surya Mohan comes from a non-Christian background. He now distributes tracts and Bibles from house to house to people in Nepal and northeast India. He speaks Nepali, Maithili (spoken in south Nepal and northeast India), Hindi and some English and Bengali. He holds regular Bible studies in his area and is translating some of our materials into Nepali and Hindi. He is married (wife’s name is Kiran), currently has three young children and is working with a team of volunteers in Nepal and northeast India. His oldest son, Sushant (seven years old) has memorized the titles of all 66 books of the Bible in Nepali.

Currently in Nepal, Christian evangelism is outlawed (no street preaching or tract distribution). However, door to door work seems to be allowed if it does not attract attention.  Surya Mohan also travels to the north Indian state of Bihar (known as the Graveyard of Missions) where he is allowed in certain areas to do evangelism.

Surya Mohan and his wife do Christian ministry in Nepal.

Surya Mohan distributes tracts in Nepal.. 

Kiran (Surya Mohan’s wife) distributes tracts in Nepal.

Surya Mohan hosts a small Bible
conference in his area.

Some of the attendees to a local FOFCM
Bible conference in Nepal

Surya Mohan gives a Bible to a street vender.

Surya Mohan is one of the few in his country who understand the Doctrines of Grace. He as a Christian is treated like a lower-class citizen, but this is part of the cross that he must bear. Please pray for him that he learns to take on more responsibility and reach many with the gospel in his area and be a Godly husband and father to his wife and children.